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Published:March 25th, 2006 12:26 EST

Plagiarist Fired from Post Job

By R.J. Smith

A 24-year-old conservative blogger was fired from The Washington Post’s website last week amid allegations of plagiarism.  Wait, did I say allegations?  I meant “blatant evidence”.  Ben Domenech, the writer in question, and I use that term very loosely, is the worst kind of scum.  To steal one's possessions is reprehensible, but to steal one's thoughts and ideas to pass off as your own is downright rotten.  In the old days, this cowardly little twit would have been dealt with using hot tar, feathers, and the local railroad tracks. 

Mr. Domenech was recently hired by the Washington Post’s website, with no prior journalism experience, to write a daily conservative blog.  Almost immediately, those he stole from called him out.  It was quickly proven that he stole movie reviews from the good folks at  Three days later, he was fired.

Here is an example of the reviews in question:

Dom the bomb wrote:  "Translucent and glowing, they ooze up from the ground and float through solid walls, splaying their tentacles and snapping their jaws, dripping discomfiting acidic ooze. They're known as the Phantoms, otherworldly beings who, for three decades, have been literally sucking the life out of the earthlings of the human."

Steve Murray of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote:  "Translucent and glowing, they ooze up from the ground and float through solid walls, wriggling countless tentacles and snapping their jaws. They're known as the Phantoms, alien thingies that, for three decades, have been sucking the life out of the earthlings of 'Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.' "

Like a rat scrambling for a foothold in a flood, the unimaginative young Republican first blamed his editors, saying they added paragraphs into his original work.  However, when reading the pieces in question, it becomes painfully obvious this idiotic fool stole everything he possibly could from the writers in question. 

People like this are ruining things for the good writers of this world.  As it is well known, I sometimes like to advocate violence... this case is no different.  This was a slap in the face to every decent journalist still trying to make it in this world.  I think we should string this guy up and pelt him with rotten fruit until he promises to stop writing and become a politician, where stealing is accepted. 

Source:  Washington Post 

Source:  Washington Post