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Published:April 24th, 2007 08:39 EST
Back In The Day

Back In The Day

By Mark Palangio

I remember when I was a child my parents would always tell me to enjoy being young, because it was the best time of my life. Of course I never believed them back then, I just wanted to be older and more mature. I wanted to drive a car, to have a job and make money so I could buy anything I wanted, to be cool like all the older kids in my neighborhood and to have responsibilities...but looking back on it now, they were right. All that other stuff is overrated.

It’s not like at age 22 I’m old by any means, but with only one year of college left until I go out into the real world and get a job, I often think back at how much fun it was being a kid. I definitely enjoyed my childhood, but you never realize just how good it was until you’re older and look back on it. It’s hard to really appreciate what you have when you’re an 8 year old kid and you don’t really know anything about life other than playing video games, riding bikes with your friends or playing kickball at recess.

The excitement and anticipation for holidays is one thing I really miss about being younger. I mean honestly, what is better than Christmas when you’re a kid? Everyone remembers the feeling they had on Christmas Eve right before they went to sleep, then waking up on Christmas morning and running out to the living room to tear open all presents that Santa brought. When you get older, holidays like Christmas are just more of a hassle than anything else. Making sure you buy all the “right” gifts for your friends and family, shoveling snow in the freezing cold weather, driving around and sitting in traffic for hours on end...the list goes on and on. Definitely a more enjoyable time of the year when you’re a kid I say. 

Birthdays seem to work in the same way. I really haven’t cared about my birthday for at least 10 years; it’s just another day now. It’s just not the same as when you’re 10 years old and you get a bunch of cool new toys and a sweet party at Chuck E. Cheese with all your friends.

I’m not trying to say that my life sucks now, or that you can’t have any fun being a 22 year old college student. Obviously that’s not the case, but living the stressful life as a college student I really do find myself looking back at my life and wishing I was still a kid. Just to live the simple life with nothing to worry about except having fun. It would be so nice to just escape all the hassle and responsibilities that I have now, but until someone invents a time machine, all I have are the memories.