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Published:July 26th, 2007 04:02 EST
Corbin Robertson: Good or Bad?

Corbin Robertson: Good or Bad?

By Tristan Mack

Corbin Robertson is an influential man in West Virginia mining.*  Robertson runs three companies, which yield approximately 20 billion tons of coal, more than any other entity besides the United States government.   Of those numbers, West Virginia produces 160 million tons, according to the Federal Energy Information Administration.**  So, why is he so unknown in these parts?

The coal industry is responsible for nearly $3.5 billion in state revenue. Yet, the people of this state seem to know little about the man who owns the largest part of the industry, starting with his name.

Citizens can tell you the governor’s name and who their mayor is, but can any of these same said people name the man who owns more than half of the coal industry in West Virginia?

One may argue that this Texan man should not, however, be running the affairs of this state.  What can he hope to accomplish here, within one of the most import sectors of the state’s economy and revenue?

However, where are those within this state who wish to be like this?  Where are the people of the state who wish to be a Robertson in the coal industry?  Sadly, if West Virginia and its people wish to keep their industry for themselves, then they must be willing to do something about it.

*NRP, Natural Resource Partners L.P.