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Published:August 22nd, 2007 07:35 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with John Scully, Author of Am I Dead Yet?

Judyth Piazza chats with John Scully, Author of Am I Dead Yet?

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Award Winning Investigative Journalist Looks Back on a Storied Career While Reflecting on the Modern Definition of Terrorism

John Scully, a veteran international investigative journalist and broadcast producer, reflects back on a fifty year career that has spanned 36 war zones and 71 countries in his new memoir Am I Dead Yet? A Journalist`s Perspective on Terrorism, " available online now at and ahead of it`s scheduled September in-store release. 

Scully has been threatened, shot at and used as modern day cannon fodder, all in the name of Journalism, while producing news stories and documentaries for internationally respected broadcasters including the BBC, CBC, CTV and TVNZ.    

Passionate, with a unique point-of-view, informed opinions and a wry sense of humour, John is a great orator, carrying a certain confidence and authority that age and experience, have granted him.  

Well versed in the politics of war, the semantics of terror and the very real personal perils faced by journalists seeking the truth, Scully has never met a controversial topic he didn`t like. 

As someone who has endured so much turmoil, anguish, wastage, carnage and of course, also witnessed the beautiful undercurrent of humanity running just beneath the radar of daily life, his memoirs are rather emotional and political in nature. 

  Am I Dead Yet? " features blow-by-blow accounts of trekking through the jungle to interview Ecuadorian rebels and dodging the IRA in Northern Ireland.  It recants live reports from Beirut for the hijacking of flight TWA, to the sands of the expanding Sahara and the First Persian Gulf War.   

Scully has recorded not only the dangerous and volatile situations, but the morally grey scenarios and political quagmires that initiated them.   Am I Dead Yet? " clearly illustrates for readers the many challenges that must be overcome in order for the news to make it into their living rooms. 

An online campaign, including a regular blog at, and a popular Facebook group Am I Dead Yet? " is having the desired result of creating dialogue and discussion.  While taking issue with Scully`s Israeli analysis, noted political blogger Jason Cherniak opines:  I am glad that Mr. Scully is not dead yet. I expect he still has many stories to tell that will be well worth the read. I recommend that you take a sunny afternoon over the summer and enjoy his book. "


AM I DEAD YET? " Specifications:

Available Online at


As an e-book at

Number of Pages:  110

SRP: $15.95 CDN

Language: English

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