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Published:January 6th, 2008 15:26 EST
Database Seller Develops World's First and Only International Database

Database Seller Develops World's First and Only International Database

By SOP newswire

Database Seller has developed the world's first and only international email database of press and television journalists who bring your news either under your door or through the numerous television channels that you watch everyday.

This email database contains names, personal email addresses,media name and city name of 25,000 Indian and international journalists including print, television and allied electronic media. What is unique is that this database can be used to send personalised email with individual names in the subject line.

This email database contains personal (gmail/yahoo/hotmail ids) email ids of all top  editors, producers and journalists at CNN, BBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox, Nyt,washington post among numerous others. As email enables these journalists to forward their mail to colleagues, personalized emailing gets quicker results faster!

Personal email ids ensure that that even if the journalist changes jobs, one’s relationship stays intact as you have his personal email. To receive a free, no obligatory sample of 1000 emails from Database.Seller’s master database of 25000, reply blank email to
with AUTOSENDSAMP1000_cc2j29kv_PR in the subject.