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Published:January 7th, 2008 03:06 EST
Media Pioneer Jeff Einstein Explores the Confluence of God, Media and Addiction in his New Book: Put God First

Media Pioneer Jeff Einstein Explores the Confluence of God, Media and Addiction in his New Book: Put God First

By SOP newswire

Born again digital media pioneer Jeff Einstein has published a new non-fiction title, "Put God First: A Pocket Guide to Quality of Life in the Great Age of Excess" - now available as a trade paperback on, and on Einstein's weblog, the Put God First Ministry.

"This is an important book," says NextEra Media CEO Jaffer Ali. "It shows us how a return to faith translates into a return to reason in what Einstein calls the Great Age of Excess. It shows us how to reintroduce God as a moderating force at a time when excess consumption imperils the quality of our lives and communities."

"The quality of our lives is a reflection of how and where and with whom we spend our time," says Einstein. "Yet the average American adult consumes 11.7 hours of media each day -- almost half a year for every year of our adult lives. And as a nation we spend more than a trillion dollars annually on media and media devices. The jury is in: We are irrefutably addicted to the media on a massive scale that simply dwarfs any and every other activity in our lives. Who's got time for God?" he asks. "And what happens when we put Him dead last in the hierarchy of things that matter in the 21st century?"

Einstein is a noted media industry contrarian and critic. "What sets media addiction apart from all other obsessions and addictions," he says in true form, "is the fact that the biggest media addicts are also the ones who happen to produce, distribute, buy, sell, research and teach all of the commercial media we consume. If the medium is the message," he asks, "what happens to the message when the good folks who produce, distribute, buy, sell, research and teach it are addicted to the medium?"

A seasoned speaker and lecturer, Einstein also plans a series of Put God First workshops targeting religious and community organizations as well as corporations. Put God First, he concludes, "offers a timely and compassionate response to the most pressing and compelling issue of our time: how we navigate the confluence of God, media and addiction in the Great Age of Excess."

Jaffer Ali agrees: "In my opinion," he says, "Put God First nails THE PROBLEM of the 21st century. Jeff has written a book that speaks with wisdom and compassion to the 21st-century malady of maladies."

About Jeff Einstein

A published author with nine titles to his credit, Mr. Einstein co-founded the nation's first digital advertising and marketing agency in 1984. His work has been featured in virtually every major business print venue, including two front-page articles in The Wall Street Journal, and cover stories for George, Red Herring Magazine, PC Magazine, and The New York Times Sunday Magazine, and he has appeared as a media industry expert in dozens of TV and radio interviews, including CNN's 360 with Anderson Cooper and The Today Show with Katie Couric.

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