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Published:February 9th, 2008 09:30 EST
My Future Profession

My Future Profession

By Maria Ardysheva

Each of us is a member of a society. It is necessary to give something to a society in exchange if you want to use the blessings of a civilization. That something is our knowledge and skills. And with those to give, the person gets a profession. There are many professions, so therefore, everyone chooses what he has a propensity for and what is pleasant.

About a choice of a profession I had reflected upon for the first time in seven years. Back then I wanted to become, as all small girls, the ballerina. However, for me, it became an unrealizable dream. Then I had decided to become the stewardess, but a fear of heights had prevented it. Then there were dreams of careers as a fashion designer, a surgeon, an archeologist " all of them eventually ruled out by an unwillingness to draw, or disgust from a kind of another`s blood. In general, something always prevented me from my choices.

Now I study at the faculty of journalism. To begin as a journalist I was advised by a hobby in my adolescence, when I was the correspondent of the children`s town newspaper. Together with the edition I was in three festivals of press, some times on the bases of rest. In general this children`s hobby of literary trash also became the reason I have chosen this university.

I still must study three years. Maybe I will be disappointed in the choice of a profession in how I shall receive the diploma for the formation of education, or maybe I will not present myself well. In the second case, I think, there are bigger expectations of me.

First, the profession of the journalist, as representative of the fourth authority, allows for the influencing of the minds of contemporaries. Second, before the journalist opens the boundless opportunities of business trips around the globe for the edition account, certainly, he will be arranged.

The third, knowledge of a foreign language, which I shall have in perfection, will allow one to find colleagues in all English-speaking countries. Then in the fourth, the profession of the journalist is a trade fighter for the truth and, so far as such do not like, all of us shall emigrate abroad and we shall live long and happily.