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Published:March 10th, 2008 10:14 EST
Who will be a winner in a copyright war?

Who will be a winner in a copyright war?

By Maria Ardysheva

January 1, 2008 Russia began to work new copyright`s rules.
These rules " articles 1229, 1270, 1274, 1275 by chapter 4 of Civil Code-- mean that, beginning this year, public libraries are not allowed to make some digital copies from documents protected by exclusive copyright.

Before this time everyone could get some information at free sites in Internet without allowing the author in any volume, something like books, music, pictures, movies and etc. All you needed is just to push the button download " and that was it, easy as two multiply two. You paid only for time or traffic. And of course, any author will not get money for using his work.

Sure, another thing is with paid information. You needed to pay for music, pictures and something like that as in a simple shop: you pay, you buy.

The situation changed in the beginning of this year. You will not have an ability to save any digital information from the Internet you get in libraries. It accounts as an infringement of copyright. Because after saving information on someone`s own CD or flash-card the person could use it one or several times more, this is illegal, sure. But the same libraries can print the same information someone got in Internet and wanted to save digital. And this caution will not account as an infringement. Nobody thought the person could make a digital copy from this printed version of document at home and put it in Internet again or make another, illegal copy. And someone will download it again and again. It`s like an endless circle. But is it any exit from this situation?

Today only libraries said No " to copy of documents from the Internet. Any points of collective access to Internet are still allowing making copies of any kind of information. And it doesn`t matter where you got it: at free or paid sites. If you didn`t get a digital book or something like that at the library you can do it at these collective point.

Make glad is only one thing: the process of fighting with piracy started. Government made the first steps to control copying information from the Internet legal in Russia. Because any kind of author work " documents, pictures, movies, music " must be protect from illegal copying with a law.