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Published:March 27th, 2008 07:15 EST
Have you seen the Vogue cover?

Have you seen the Vogue cover?

By Deremiah *CPE (Mentor/Columnist)

When I went to the Fox sports poll and read the question, "Is Vogue`s cover with LeBron James and Giselle Bundchen a racist depiction?"  I was quite put off by the whole fact that, of 33,957 people, 14% thought it was and 3% were unsure but a whopping 83% didn`t have a problem with it. 

The question is: are we going to have to get a handbook on what racisim is or isn`t?  I`m not sure.  But I`d be willing to stick my neck out and say that if they didn`t put LeBron on the front cover because he was black, that would be racisit; or, if they put LeBron and Giselle on the front cover and they didn`t pay LeBron, that would be racisit.  But putting LeBron on the front cover and then referencing his posture as King Kong is, like pushing it.  Someone said it "conjures up this idea of a dangerous black man."

Now, I`ll be the first to tell you that--depending on the crowd-- a black man may not have to assume any aggressive pose at all to be considered dangerous, but this pose does not, in anyway, give off that feeling except for in the mind of the person who made the comment.  In a court of law, they`d tell you to stick with the facts.

LeBron is not attacking Giselle.  Giselle is wearing an expression that she`s not at all intimidated by LeBron.  As a matter of fact, she`s laughing.  That`s right!  LeBron is so dangerous, she`s laughing.

Come on people, give me a break and let`s stop feeding this nonsense.  Annie Leibovitz is a great photographer, LeBron is a great NBA basketball player and Giselle Bundchen is a great model.  All right people let`s stop hating on the cover and appreciate it for what it is.  A chance to sell magazines, make Vogue some money,  keep people employeed and fuel some ridiculous speculations.

This is Deremiah *CPE and that`s my perspective on the cover of Vogue.