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Published:April 11th, 2008 06:00 EST
Access to media blocked in Italy-- will you help?

Access to media blocked in Italy-- will you help?

By SOP newswire

Dear Friends,

The election campaign for Parliament started in Italy a couple of months ago. In Italy, information (especially political) is often withheld because economic, political and parties' lobbies extend their power and influence over the most important italian mass-media, keeping new parties away from television, both private and state,  radio and major newspapers. Our name "Per il Bene Comune" in all political polls is conspicuously and completely absent: we are simply defined as "other parties" (which would be small local parties not comparable to us).

For this reason, our party "Per il Bene Comune" (something like "For the Common Wealth") cannot communicate its political program to all the Italian people, with the result that a large number of italian citizens don't know we exist. Even after the official Authority's intervention to give more space to new and smaller parties within the italian mass-media, we - and other new parties - are still kept out.

Thus, we ask help from those in foreign countries. We ask you to help us diffuse this press release, forwarding it to as many people as possile, to let the world know that in Italy the old political "caste" is preventing media covarage of new parties during the election campaign.

Please, help us.

Thank you for the attention,
the candidates of "Per Il Bene Comune"