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Published:May 28th, 2008 15:49 EST
Nepal Revived as the World's Newest Republic Country.

Nepal Revived as the World's Newest Republic Country.

By Subash Lamichhane

Nepal is moving forward to become the newest republic of the world. After more than 200-years-long Monarchy, Nepal is finally becoming the country ruled by the general people instead of the kings and queens. Nepal has always faced political turmoil. This beautiful country, located in Himalayas in Asia, has very unstable political condition. The recent changes that have shaken Kathmandu with powerful voices, the commitment of leaders toward democracy and public right gives a hope that Nepal is finally moving toward democracy after the 200 years of bureaucracy and political turmoil.

The April revolution of 2006 changed the face of Nepal. It was able to end the decade-long guerilla warfare of Maoist and was successful to bring them into peace into this war-torn country. The Maoist was regarded as one of the big parties and was also offered good proportion of seats on the parliament. The parliament which was formed after the revolution deducted much of the power of the king and took away his authority and power over the military and the administration. An interim administration said he must pay taxes, placed the army under civilian control and removed his image from the 500-rupee note, replacing it with Mount Everest.

The main purpose of the Maoist insurgents was to overthrow the Monarchy system from Nepal which has been deeply rooted in Nepalese society both culturally and politically making the political view of Mao Tse-tung, the communist leader of china, the communist party, Maoist, came to main political frame and the parliament after the revolution of 2006.

On the Constituent Assembly elections conducted on April 10th, Maoist emerged as the biggest party of Nepal securing 220 seats of parliament while the biggest parties of Nepal, Nepali Congress only won 110 seats which shocked the entire nation as well as the whole world.

With overwhelming support and cheers, the first sitting of the constituent Assembly collectively declared the country a Republic late on Wednesday night making Nepal the World’s newest republic and making the king a general, ordinary citizen. In the context of implementing a Republic in the country, the CA meeting directs the then king residing at the Narayanhiti palace and the private secretariat structure ordering him to leave within 15 days.

A new Government will soon be formed and Nepal will be having its first president ever and as Maoist have won the election it is for sure that the first president of Nepal will be a Communist leader who is supposed to be the chairman of Maoist party of Nepal known as Prachanda. Nepal will have to face many hurdles even though Nepal has revived itself as a Republic country but people still have fear in their hearts about the condtion that will grow when Maoist will have their government and they fear how things are going to be on the coming days. But for the moment, much of Nepal enjoys and cheers for becoming the worlds new-born Republic country.