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Published:June 26th, 2008 21:17 EST
Top Ten Hottest Female News Anchors

Top Ten Hottest Female News Anchors

By Robert Paul Reyes


I don`t choose which news program to watch based on the attractiveness of the news anchor. But it`s fun to contemplate who are the most attractive female anchors, here`s my take on the matter:


Amy is an anchor and correspondent at NBC.

Amy may be my favorite because we both suffer from Coulrophobia, an irrational fear of clowns.


Mika is a television news journalist at MSNBE

Mika has an impeccable pedigree (daughter of former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski and sculptor Emilie Anna Benes) and beauty queen looks.

Mika is beautiful and intelligent, she always interviews newsmakers in an insightful and probing way, yet never losing her composure.


Norah is a contributing correspondent for NBC and chief Washington correspondent for MSNBC

Norah had me as soon as I saw her peepers, she`s blessed with beautiful huge eyes. They are not empty orbs like those that belong to Paris, but a bottomless wells of knowledge. She is the toughest interviewer in the MSNBC stable.


Kimberly is the anchor of the Lineup, a weekend crime show that airs on the Fox News Channel.

This former San Francisco prosecutor and former Victoria`s Secret model is easy on the eyes. I`m delighted whenever she`s a guest on a Fox News program, she entertains and informs at the same time.


Jill is an entertainment correspondent for Fox News.

Jill won the Miss Michigan USA 2000 title, and it`s only because of the reporting of this blond beauty that I don`t turn the channel when the entertainment segment comes on.


Shibani is a reporter for the Fox Business Network

She`s a former model; I think it`s a rule at Fox that all female on-air talent be former models, masseuses or flight attendants.

Needless to say Shibani is stunning, I`d be delighted if she could handle my portfolio.


Rebecca is a business correspondent for Fox News. I really don`t care very mush for business news, but with hotties like Gomez and Joshi how can I not watch the Fox News and Fox Business Network?


Megyn is a news anchor for the Fox News Channel

Megyn, a graduate of Albany Law School frequently reports on legal and political matters. If she represented me in court, I wouldn`t care if I lost or won, as long as she sat next to me.


Rebecca is a business co-anchor on the CNBC program Squawk Box.

The only time I watch CNBC is when this gorgeous babe in on the air.


Barbara is a journalist for Univision.

I begged my cable company to carry Univision, just so I could watch this Hispanic beauty.


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*Editorial Note: I`m a heterose*ual male, so there are only females on my list. I don`t mean to suggest that female anchors should only be judged on their looks.

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