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Published:July 8th, 2008 14:23 EST
YouTube Replaces Censored Video

YouTube Replaces Censored Video

By SOP newswire2

Following a wave of complaints from pro-lifers, YouTube has restored both the Spanish and English versions of a pro-life video that was censored from their website several days ago on false grounds.

The video, edited and posted by the Catholic News Agency, shows PRI affiliate Carlos Polo in conversation with pro-abortion activist Eve Reinhardt. Reinhardt had obtained an interview with Polo by assuring him that she was impartial and balanced. Polo, however, discovered that she was affiliated very closely with a hard-left, pro-abortion documentary project, entitled The Decency Gap. Polo brought his own cameraman to the interview and confronted Reinhardt, accusing her of deliberately misleading him.

Shortly after this video was posted, the website for The Decency Gap vanished, and the video was taken down by YouTube. YouTube cited vague "terms of use violations" as their reason for censoring the video.

According to David Uebbing, senior editor of CNA, they were never contacted in any way by YouTube throughout this entire episode, although he is glad to see that the video has been reposted.

"CNA is glad to see that the various pro-abortion groups who are exposed by this video did not prevail in the end," Uebbing said to PRI. "The Decency Gap and its affiliates need to be held accountable for their true aims and I`m happy to see that YouTube agreed to restore our video."

The video is entitled "The Decency Gap" / Eve Reinhardt, and can be found at this URL:

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