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Published:August 21st, 2009 20:15 EST
Writers for a Change

Writers for a Change

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Ordinary people construct buildings, making history "still; their stories haven`t been heard in the pages of the text. For lucky ones, only a few sentences might sum their life`s work.   While the Kings, Leaders/scientific experts make news headlines. Writers for a change don`t intend to restore the past but to raise the readers understanding for this glorious past;  

How many tongues have been cut, memories stranded?

  How many music remained silent, paintings erased

  Many were the books and manuscripts thrown

      and burned in menacing celebrated as bonfire parties by the very scholars professing to be guardians of ancient knowledge;

    From Egyptian historical dept to the relevance of Greek philosophers,

   Latin statuary, Arabic science and Eastern wisdom.

   Many have always been the efforts made in the past & present years to reconstruct the memories and gather breakages of scattered civilization.

                                    (Pan African festival 2009) 

It is obvious that Individuals move through images, installation and so do thoughts; indicative of various subjects which are collections of lexis from poems, novels, plays. And every day & night these texts are read, and gradually this art of creativeness which is a characteristic of our philosophy affirms to the view that each era has its own arts or story to tell and thus do creates its own category to be its signature for the future, notwithstanding, the fact that even the most ancients reveal many aspect of modernity.  

It is in these light writers for a change is indeed telling us that "writing is beautiful` and is also possible to use utterance of magic words to bring the taste of paradise in your mouth, and also the freedom to your vision. 

In order to impact this change with the world at its apex of digital technology in IT specialty;   

1). How can girls & women be integrated to be familiarizing with IT operation (internet, computer ") 

2) Computer literacy for women even with a meager resources; Is it feasible? 

3) What are some possible possibilities in encouraging girls& women on the many benefits? 

4) What personal effort is expected from the girls/women in order to meet up these expectations, again, being passionate about writing?


Ironically for those familiar with IT operation, only a few percentages of them are proactively involved in many edu-info forum /sites as compare to enormous number involve in socio-glamour networks. What is your remark?



Will appreciate all remark?