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Published:March 1st, 2006 12:06 EST
Cody Posey: Equal Justice?

Cody Posey: Equal Justice?

By Rasha Lamba

We are all with you by heart, dear Cody

The question is, "Should a 15 year-old that commits murder suffer the same consequences as an adult that commits murder?"

Well, even if an excellent judgment is given for Cody, he will not be able to lead a regular life as any another normal child.  However, the span of time in rehab will surely make him a good man. He will get an early release and be regular again in time.  The disorder he has, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is becoming dangerously very common in kids around the world as the result of very ultraglamorous, hectic, irregular and undisciplined lifestyles in our societies today.

I do not know whether Cody`s real mother left him or if she died. Whatever happened, Cody started suffering in his early childhood, as he was left with his father who was young and energetic . Wth so much need himself, he showed very little affection for Cody.  Very shortly, he fulfilled his needs by getting married to a woman already with a child of her own to give love and affection to instead.

Therefore, how can one expect this new mother to suddenly start giving affection and love to this essentially orphaned child?  Poor Cody was forced to live as a loner in his own family.  Things are changing faster, and so are the values.  Nobody is born a killer, a thief, or not even a scientist or a thinker. What we are today depends on what values and way of life are given to us by our elders and society.

Cody`s parents had ruined and deprived him from his own regular life and created an ultimate situation for Cody to be so desperate that he wanted to get release from everything. Why this wrong and undisciplined life do these parents follow? They had no right to give birth to this innocent soul and leave him to suffer in this already ruthless world.

There should be a law for the parents who get married and divorced a hundred times, until every thing cools down for them to think of a child and a regular happy family.  Therefore, dear Cody, your uncle aunt and thousands of us will eagerly wait to see your happy release, and above all, the lord will remain with you in every aspect and in every hope.