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Published:April 16th, 2006 19:10 EST

Police make arrests after bomb-throwing incident at school

By Brandon Jennings

Ft. Pierce, Fla.--Five juveniles were arrested last Wednesday for their involvement in the throwing of an acid bomb outside of Lincoln Park Academy on April 11.  On that day, Security Officer, Dave Morris, identified a trespasser on a surveillance tape who had spoken with the five suspects.  The man identified, Charles Edwards Thurston III, gave police the name of Willie Barnes.  Edwards was not charged; he was simply seen communicating with the suspects. 

Barnes gave the names of the remaining four suspects to police.  They were identified as Denarious Anderson, Jamale Ware, D’vonte Evans and Rubin Smith.  According to Anderson, the four students were planning to play basketball at the school.

After squeezing through the gate to reach the school, the suspects were confronted by the victims --Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Galloway, and Mr. Morgan.  Anderson told police she had spoken with the suspects on the North side and ordered them from school grounds.  According to Anderson, the suspects then walked across street and hid behind some bushes at 1904 Ave. K.

Immediately following this, Anderson saw a bottle thrown in her direction.  She was unable to tell which one of the suspects threw the bottle. However, she stated she was sure one of them had done it.  The three victims watched the bottle for a few seconds after it landed, which exploded. None of the three victims were harmed by the explosion.

Police were called to the scene and searched for more explosives, but none was found.  The explosive was a homemade bomb constructed with “The Works Cleaner,” aluminum foil and a water bottle. 

According to Denarious Anderson, the entire event came to a head after Barnes promised Evans a plastic hand gun that shot plastic BBs if he would throw the bomb at the victims.

Anderson stated that Evans agreed to throw the bomb.  However, conflicting statements about who was actually there when the bomb was thrown came from Rubin and Ware.  Ware stated he left with his sister before he saw or heard anything about a bomb, but Rubin stated he and Ware left at the same time.

Despite inconclusive evidence about who actually threw the bomb, all suspects have been transported to DYS for processing.  No date for a trial has been set.