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Published:July 4th, 2006 04:39 EST
Ex-Soldier Murders and Kills

Ex-Soldier Murders and Kills

By Anita Helton

The United States of America prides itself on being the land of the free and the home of the brave.  We have millions of people willing to risk their lives in combat just to keep those freedoms. These men and women are held in high esteem and are the heroes of our country. 


However, it is both a disgrace and a disappointment when one of our "heroes" commits horrid crimes.  It is ESPECIALLY haneous when they do it in another country while on duty for our great nation. 


Steven Green, 21 and former soldier for America, has been charged with murder and rape.  Green plotted to rape women whom he had seen while on duty.  After changing out of uniform and having a few drinks he went to the home of the girl.  Green then shot and killed a man, women and a girl approximately 5 years of age.  After he was sure they were dead, he moved on to the women, whom he raped.  When he was finished he shot her in the head.  The female he raped was about 14 or 15. 


It is generally comforting to know that there are people in other countries willing to fight to allow me to have the pleasures of American life.  It is disturbing to know that one of these people that are honored and held at esteem could do such a horrible act. 


Green will have hearings begin July 10th in Charlotte, North Carolina.  His trial will take place in Louisville soon after.  The actions of Steven Green carry possible death penalty.  Hopefully they will properly deal with his actions so that the U.S. can stay free. Not only free from terrorism, tyranny and communism, but freedom from any fears that those representing our country aren't fit to do so.