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Published:October 16th, 2006 10:36 EST
Hate Crime Stats  Latest Figures Now Online

Hate Crime Stats Latest Figures Now Online

By SOP newswire

Cross burnings. Vandalism at synagogues and mosques. Racially-motivated attacks and murder. Hate crimes take traditional crimes and add an element of bias—and the mixture is toxic to our communities and to our democracy.

That’s why we’ve been asked to perform an annual accounting of hate crime trends, breaking down the numbers in minute detail for the analysis and review of law enforcement, criminologists, civic leaders, academics, and interested citizens—all to help our nation better understand and prevent these crimes in the future.

You can get all the latest numbers in our just-released Hate Crime Statistics, 2005—thanks to the work of our Criminal Justice Information Services division in West Virginia.

The good news? While even a single hate crime exacts a terrible toll, the total number of incidents—7,163—is the lowest in more than a decade.

Here are more key national numbers: >

… Total offenses: 8,380

… Total victims: 8,804

… Total known offenders: 6,804

… Most frequent property crime: Damage/vandalism (81.3%)

… Most common motivation: Race (54.7%)

… Location of most incidents: At home (30%)

… Total murders: 6

To dig deeper:

… See the complete numbers for incidents and offenses, victims, and offenders;

… Find out stats for your city and state;

… Get data on the location of hate crimes;

… See the breakdowns of incidents, offenses, and victims by race, religion, ethnicity, and other factors;

… Learn more about the methodology, reporting agencies, and other background information on the collection process.

And remember: We do more than just report hate crimes; we also investigate them. To get more information on our role in solving and preventing bias-related crime, see our hate crime investigations webpage.

Source: FBI