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Published:November 1st, 2006 04:53 EST
FBI Reports 55 Police Deaths in ‘05

FBI Reports 55 Police Deaths in ‘05

By SOP newswire

They all died heroes: 55 peace officers killed in the line of duty by criminals in 2005. Some of them died with their guns drawn. Others died shielding victims or stricken comrades. Some were ambushed. All will be missed.

The newly released Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted 2005—available only online—details the full range of statistics, including assaults and accidental deaths.

Its purpose? To provide highly specific information—everything from who was killed and attacked, when, and under what circumstances—that forms the basis of strategies and training initiatives that will improve the safety of the entire law enforcement community.

Overall, the numbers this year fell from 2004: the number of officers killed by criminals dipped from 57 to 55; the number assaulted dropped by more than 1,800 (to 57,546, the lowest total since 2001); and the number killed accidentally decreased from 82 to 67 (the lowest total in six years).

What else the report can tell you:

As usual, you can find the information broken down by your state and region. And once again, we in the FBI salute the courage and sacrifice of our partners in law enforcement who were killed or attacked while serving our nation.

Resources: Criminal Justice Information Services division | National press release

Source:  FBI