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Published:December 20th, 2006 06:29 EST
Police Effort Pays Off: Car thief nabbed

Police Effort Pays Off: Car thief nabbed

By Inactive Writer

TRENTON, NJ "According to a Trenton police report, on Monday, December 11th, Officer George Muschal`s police instinct led to the arrest of a 28-year-old white male with charges of auto theft, theft from auto, and possession of burglar tools. Martin L. Fritsch stole a white Ford Stake Body truck at around 5:15 a.m.

While Officer Muschal ran a routine motorized patrol in the area of Phillips and New York Avenues, he saw a white male behaving in a suspicious way. 

Muschal described the suspect as short, having a moustache, wearing a black hood with blue jeans, and riding a red bicycle.   The officer watched him leave the area of 461 New York Avenue by the PMT " Contracting Co. 

The officer`s suspicion led him to investigate further by following the individual.  The suspect then suddenly fled the area. 

The investigation continued.  Muschal used his K-9 dog to follow the route of travel.  The dog arrived at a residence on the first block of Phillips Avenue.  By now, Sergeant Mark Miller and Officers Charles Steever and Micheal Nazario joined in.  The officers tried to talk to someone at this address to no avail. 

The officers came back to 461 New York Avenue and they saw that a chain and a lock had been broken with a pair of bolt cutters, which were lying on the sidewalk.

They returned to the residence on Phillips Avenue, where they were able to speak to a 28-year-old named Martin L. Fritsch.  The residence belonged to Fritsch`s sister, who allowed the police to conduct a search within the home.  The officers found the red bicycle and a reciprocating saw.  Fritsch became a primary suspect and was advised of his constitutional rights. 

After questioning, Fritsch admitted that he had entered the lot of 461 New York Avenue and got the key of from the ashtray of the truck.  While attempting to steal the truck, he realized the gate was locked and went back home for the bolt cutters.  He drove the truck around and then returned it to the lot. 

He also admitted to stealing a Dewalt reciprocating saw from the rear of the truck. 

The officers gained enough probable cause to arrest Fritsch. 

Detective Fred Simpson credited and congratulated the patrol officers for what he called a great investigative work " by them.

Note: This article was originally contributed by a writer who is no longer affiliated with theSOP.