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Published:February 8th, 2007 03:07 EST
Police well trained in Iraq By U.S.

Police well trained in Iraq By U.S.

By SOP newswire

BAGHDAD  " The spokesman for Multi-National Force " Iraq joined the general in charge of training Iraqi Police for a media roundtable event at the Combined Press Information Center.

Maj. Gen. William B. Caldwell IV, MNF-I spokesman, and Maj. Gen. Kenneth W. Hunzeker, commanding general, Civilian Police Assistance Training Team discussed the challenges, progress and way forward in training the Iraqi Police during the joint press conference.   The Baghdad security plan remains an extended campaign, " said Caldwell.

The Iraqi Police that General Hunzeker`s command is producing will be an integral part of the ongoing campaign to secure Baghdad, said Caldwell.

Although, there are still challenges to overcome in the training and equipping the Iraqi Police, National Police and the Department of Border Enforcement, there are also tens of thousands of people in the Ministry of Interior and Iraqi Police who are courageous, well trained and committed to defending all of Iraq`s citizens, " said Hunzeker.

Hunzeker referred to the condition of the Iraqi Police in 2003.

The Iraqi Police had no concept of patrolling or community policing; bribes were typically required to launch an investigation and the courts and prisons were corrupt, said Hunzeker.

Today`s Iraqi Police force is well on its way to being the polar opposite of its predecessor, " stated Hunzeker.            Hunzeker noted the Iraqi Police are well trained with more than 200,000 policemen and women.

He also said they are committed to the job.

For example, in Ramadi, on Feb. 3, members from the Albu Obaid Iraq Police station discovered one of the largest weapons caches in the last year while conducting dismounted patrols, " said Hunzeker.

Hunzeker also pointed out the Iraqi Police are heroic. More than 12,000 Iraqi Police have died or been injured in the line of duty since 2003, he continued.  Despite being a consistent target of terrorist attack, we typically see 10 volunteers for every job vacancy within the Iraqi Police, " Hunzeker said. Hunzeker recognized there are still problems the Iraqi Police face like leadership and logistics. To tackle these issues, 2007 will be a year of leadership and logistics, he said. There are also three plans in motion to improve police operations in Iraq.  Both Caldwell and Hunzeker emphasized the statement We win, when the Iraqi people win. " The route to achieve this has already begun, and the tools put in place, said Hunzeker. There are currently six Iraqi Army brigades in Baghdad, with three additional Iraqi Army brigades in the process of deploying to Baghdad. 

There will be more information to follow in an upcoming story.