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Published:April 25th, 2007 12:40 EST
The Death Penalty Isnt All That Bad

The Death Penalty Isnt All That Bad

By Peter Giordano

When tragedies occur in our country, often many debates will arise. Gun control, psychiatric evaluations, response time, etc are all used by many politicians to further enhance their campaigns. However, one debate that slips under the radar and goes unnoticed is the death penalty sentence. Many anti-death penalty activists will debate this, but having this option at the end of a trial only does good for our society.

As you may be aware, its not cheap to for the prosecution of a case to pursue such a maximum sentence. On average, more than two million dollars is spent each time the death penalty is pursued by the time you get done with all the legal fees and such. Moreover, sentencing the convict to life without parole would only cost more money in the long run. The average cost of a jailed inmate runs to about 60 dollars per day.. Over a one year period, that comes out to be more than 22,000 dollars! A more astonishing number than that is a 35 year sentence would cost our system more than 800,000 dollars!

Besides the issue of money, its also just common sentence to have the death penalty to be used as a last resort to some cases. Any sane criminal that valued his/her life wouldn`t put themselves at risk to receiving the death sentence when committing their crime. With the death sentence fully mandated with no questions asked, prosecutors will be less hesitant to pursue the death penalty in any case.

One group that would fully agree with this, are the prison guards. If the death penalty was omitted from our legal system, criminals would be just sentenced to life without parole. With nothing left to live for, why not recruit other inmates and start an uprising. Prisoners on death row may have these similar ideas, but they`re on death row for a reason.

But most of all, some criminals just deserve to die. Criminals that commit such heinous acts deserve whatever sentence the prosecution seeks. Its important to note that without the death penalty, Timothy McVeigh would still be alive in jail today. Some restitution must be felt by our nation knowing that he had to trade his life in order to take all the others. Add to that list, Saddam Hussein who did more damage to a country than could ever be imagined. He got what was coming to him. And in wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy, what if that lone gunman didn`t take his own life and was still alive today? A lawyer would have had to defend him, would we be satisfied and restituted if somehow the jury was swayed to sentence him to life in prison? Hopefully not.

In the end, the death penalty will always be an ongoing debate because religion plays such an important role in our society. The Bible is clearly against the death penalty as God forgives all of our sins. But what gives one person the right to take another ones life and live to tell the story? The opposition has and always will fail to answer this. People just have to remember that it`s our privilege for us the God will forgive our sins in the end. Too many heartless criminals take advantage of this. That`s why you see most of these terrorists and deranged individuals committing suicide before getting put on trial because they`ll be sentenced to death regardless. With the death penalty set, this problem is only mediated.