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Published:April 27th, 2007 11:15 EST
Jonathan Evans Takes Over MI5

Jonathan Evans Takes Over MI5

By SOP newswire

Jonathan Evans has taken over from Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller as the new Director General of the Security Service. As the head of the Service, Mr. Evans is responsible for leading and directing its work against threats to the UK`s national security. He has been a member of the Service since 1980 and has focused mainly on counter-terrorism, both international and domestic.

He served as the Service`s Deputy Director General from 2005 to 2007 and has succeeded Dame Eliza following her retirement. For more information on Mr. Evans and the role of the Director General, please click on this item`s headline.

The Security Service is headed by a Director General, currently Jonathan Evans.

The role of the Director General was set out in the Security Service Act 1989. He is personally responsible for:

  • the operations and efficiency of the Service;

  • making an annual report on our work to the Home Secretary and the Prime Minister;

  • ensuring that we are politically impartial; and

  • ensuring that we obtain and disclose information only in accordance with our statutory responsibilities. We also disclose information for the purpose of the prevention or detection of serious crime, or for the purpose of any criminal proceedings.

In discharging these responsibilities, the Director General is assisted by internal mechanisms designed to ensure that our work abides by the principles that:

  • the rule of law is paramount; and

  • methods of investigation must be proportionate to the threat and their use properly authorised.

See the Security Service organisation page for more on how the Service is organised, and where the Director General fits into the management structure.