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Published:May 18th, 2007 07:21 EST
CIA Technical Operations Officer

CIA Technical Operations Officer

By SOP newswire

Are you an energetic and enthusiastic computer or engineering professional who enjoys applying creative solutions to complex and often difficult technical and operational problems? Technical Operations Officers work in direct support of CIA operations against issues of critical importance to US policymakers. Candidates will provide high-quality, timely and professional services and technical support, including analog, digital and satellite communications; still photography; video and image enhancement; chemical imagery; coding and decoding devices; and various aspects of modern computer technology. Implementing specialized equipment, they will train others in equipment use, satisfy field operations requirements, prepare reports, familiarize non-technical people with technical capabilities, create market studies, conduct hands-on work and travel worldwide.

Minimum qualifications include a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering or electrical/electronic engineering, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale, as well as initiative, creativity, integrity, technical excellence and strong interpersonal and communications skills. A self-starter attitude, the ability to work independently, strong computer and Internet proficiency, domestic and overseas mobility, and demonstrated initiative, writing/briefing skills and interpersonal skills are also required.

Experience in one or more of the following areas is essential:

  • Programming (C, C++, Internet, Windows 3.X/95/NT applications development, interrupt processing/service routines, device drivers, RS-232 communication applications)

  • Internet/Web technology

  • Systems engineering

  • Network security

  • Network engineering

  • Voice/data communications (satellite, RF, wireless and telecommunications networks)

  • Electromagnetic fields, antennas and propagation

  • Fiber optics and cable communications

  • Digital design and circuits

  • Analog design and circuits

  • Signal processing

  • DSP design and programming

  • Video design and circuits

  • Audio design and circuits

All applicants must successfully complete a thorough medical and psychological exam, a polygraph interview and an extensive background investigation. US citizenship is required.

To be considered suitable for Agency employment, applicants must generally not have used illegal drugs within the last twelve months. The issue of illegal drug use prior to twelve months ago is carefully evaluated during the medical and security processing.

Important Notice: Friends, family, individuals, or organizations may be interested to learn that you are an applicant for or an employee of the CIA. Their interest, however, may not be benign or in your best interest. You cannot control whom they would tell. We therefore ask you to exercise discretion and good judgment in disclosing your interest in a position with the Agency. You will receive further guidance on this topic as you proceed through your CIA employment processing.