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Published:July 17th, 2007 17:58 EST
The U.K., Cocaine criminal network jailed

The U.K., Cocaine criminal network jailed

By SOP newswire

A criminal network responsible for a 3m cocaine cutting and pressing factory have been jailed for a total of 42 years.

Alfie Hogg and Neil Rolls ran the operation from Lordship Lane in Dulwich. They were supported by several others including John Carolan and Terry Jennings (who was running a safe house).

The network came to light following a surveillance operation on Carolan. In Jennings`s safe house police found blocks of compressed cocaine weighing a total of 1.94kg.

Substantial quantities of cocaine were also found at Carolan`s home including "52,000 in cash.

Further surveillance identified Alfred Hogg and Neil Rolls. Hogg was seen in a drug handover to Andrew Shepherd, an ex-Met officer. Police stopped Shepherd and recovered a kilo of cocaine beneath the drivers` seat and "20k in cash.

In the garage in Lordship Lane, officers discovered two industrial presses being used for cocaine pressing, cocaine covering the machines, floors and containers, mixing agents and various paraphernalia.

Police raided the home of Rolls and Kelly Frankling in Bromley and found that the kitchen area was being used for cocaine production and a loaded semi-automatic handgun with ammunition and silencer was found easily accessible in one of the kitchen cupboards.

In Frankling`s bedroom over "50,000 in cash was stored under the bed.

Detective Inspector Grant Johnson, SCD Projects Team, said:

"This criminal network was responsible for what we estimate to be 60 kilos of cocaine and the removal of them will undoubtedly have a significant impact in disrupting the supply of cocaine to the capital and particularly south London. Not content on the harm their drug production would in itself cause to communities they were ready and armed to defend their criminal enterprise with the use of loaded firearms."

Source: MI5