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Published:July 25th, 2007 07:13 EST
Florida TSOs Uncover Undeclared, Altered Firearm

Florida TSOs Uncover Undeclared, Altered Firearm

By SOP newswire


Jacksonville (Fla.) International Airport Police arrested a man for having an altered firearm after TSA transportation security officers (TSOs) screening baggage discovered the artfully concealed weapon in a checked trunk on July 9.

The undeclared gun was wrapped in a large piece of tinfoil inside the trunk and was not packed in a locked, hard-sided container as required by TSA. The TSOs screening baggage at the time noticed that the gun`s serial numbers had been scratched off as well. The man is facing a felony charge for alteration or removal of a firearm serial number. And he faces civil penalties from TSA for not declaring his weapon.

The gun was discovered after the trunk triggered an alarm and further inspection revealed the imprint of a .38 caliber handgun.

Lead TSOs Charles Spencer and Gayle Kuchta, TSO Tateka McCoy and Supervisory TSO King Smith were involved in intercepting the weapon.

The passenger was scheduled on a United flight to Chicago and then on to Amman, Jordan. Discovery of the gun did not delay the flight.