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Published:January 25th, 2008 03:50 EST
Selected domestic terrors of Daniel Lee Cloyd, acting assistant FBI director for counterintelligence

Selected domestic terrors of Daniel Lee Cloyd, acting assistant FBI director for counterintelligence

By SOP newswire

by Slawomir J. Borowy

Not repeating the same information, I kindly request you to refer to my information on real activities of Daniel CLOYD in charge of FBI counterintelligence and previously responsible for its operations. They have included also setting fires in the Senate restrooms to get me arrested, sentenced and imprisoned for his owned crimes and to eliminate thus my espionage and other criminal allegations. This requires separate elaboration on, but US Capitol Police has almost all pieces of information, except probably for the Cloyd linkage. To prevent me from doing so, Cloyd conducted his new actions to have tried spilling liquids on and damaging my old Gateway laptop M360 and to have stolen my new Gateway laptop M465. After that, he has intensified his domestic terrors, keeping longer me and my wife on the street due to reasons given in the attachments. 

To this end, the trusted FBI agents of Cloyd have handle the owners of house in which we sit for the extended weekends from Thursdays to Mondays or Tuesdays. For the last 6 years we have had to perform various computers jobs without pays in their business and to clean their house i Washington, DC at the half of prevailing market rate. We have been extorted over $70,000.00 for the privilege of doing the house sitting without any payment. Cloyd likely gets his cut out of it. Last week, I set up their computer. It was $600.00 valued job without any pay. They can run smoothly their business on my computer setups in the house on the farm which is located within the distance of about hour drive. They depend on my maintenance and repairs of computers and have such work done without any charge.  

On January 21, 2008, i.e. Monday and the Martin Luther King holiday, the Cloyd agent compelled the house owners to lie that they would have returned from the farm late afternoon. Thus, we were put on the street a day earlier and upon few hours notice. As of January 25, 2008 night we are about 90 hours without sleep. We could take altogether less than 6 hours of naps in sitting positions. We are completely exhausted, but we cannot go for house sitting. FBI agent of Cloyd and/or its attorney Lawrence (previous tel. no.: 202-324-1188) has directed the house owner to stay in the Washington, DC house, instead of going for the farm. This has never happened. They have the standard farm jobs to do.

Evidently, the house owners have nothing to accomplish in their Washington, DC house during the rest of ending week. On January 24, 2008 one of them stayed all day in the house. Another one returned from the office before 9:00 pm when they usually went for the farm. They can do there the computer office work. The Cloyd agent and/or FBI attorney Lawrence ordered them to have breached the oral agreement for what is highlighted above. I do not know whether Cloyd will allow us to do the house sitting and to sleep during this weekend. He wants to bring about that at the age of about 60 years old we will collapse physically after more than 107 hours without sleep and that we will be taken to hospital for FBI treatment of putting me away.

As before, Cloyd directs his agents that one of them or their informant passes me by and says loudly: “The Mukasey law, justice and order”. Since Judge Mukasey took over his present position, I have been shown all over another scene that a person alike him walks or sits with and talks in Hebrew language with an individual who reminds of Cloyd. I disregarded such scenes until I saw his photo a few days ago. The same relates to the provocation in the Starbucks coffee shop. As recorded earlier, on January 07, 2008 at about 9:00 pm a person with face similar to Cloyd tried to spill a drink on my laptop, to damage it, to seize few minutes later my bag with the notebook and to run away with it. After the failure, such character called in DC Metropolitan Police and accused me of insult. Its officers and US Capitol Police one did not believe in it upon their talks with Starbucks employees, also. They drove police cars with side number 128, 168 and 310, respectively. They made the report which contains the first and last names of look-alike Cloyd.

I do not know what else common FBI criminal Cloyd and his agents have in the store for us just before the state of the union address of President George W. BUSH and the testimony of Attorney General Michael B. MUKASEY before the Judiciary Committee, respectively on January 28 and 30, 2008. Cloyd wants to prevent me from distributing any information. He shows me off that Attorney General Michael B. MUKASEY and FBI Director Robert S. MUELLER permit him to do whatever he wants despite revealing his lawlessness.

I apologize in advance for any imperfection in the above given information, but I had to draft it in rush, without any time for improvements and after 90 hours without sleep and probably with many more to go.          

by Slawomir J. Borowy

cc: Honorable: President George W. BUSH, Vice President Dick CHENEY, Attorney General Michael B. MUKASEY, Deputy Attorney General nominee Mark FILIP, FBI Director Robert S. MUELLER, Senators and Representatives; Law Enforcement, including FBI, Intelligence and Diplomatic Communities.