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Published:July 5th, 2008 13:32 EST
Texas to Expunge Mexican Garbage August 5

Texas to Expunge Mexican Garbage August 5

By John Lillpop

Despite the frantic efforts of our moronic president in cahoots with the third-world nation of Mexico, the great state of Texas is scheduled to purge Mexican-born Jose Medellin from this earthly existence on August 5.

Its called justice, however, in the case of Jose Medellin, death by lethal injection is not really just.

For substantiating facts, consider, please, this Associated Press report concerning one Jose Medellin:

"Medellin was convicted in the June 1993 torture, rape and strangling of Elizabeth Pena, 16, and Jennifer Ertman, 14. The Houston girls, whose bodies were found four days after they failed to return from a friend`s house, had been attacked as they took a shortcut along some railroad tracks and stumbled on a group drinking beer after initiating a new gang member. Evidence showed the girls were gang raped for more than an hour, then were kicked and beaten before being strangled by a belt or shoelaces."

Now that is work that Americans refuse to do!

Clearly, Medellin is another sterling example of the "good hearted, hard working" sub-human garbage from Mexico that George W. Bush is so fond of.

Medellin`s date with death was set by a state district judge in Houston after the US Supreme Court in March voted against hearing Medellin`s case. The panel said President Bush overstepped his authority by trying to order Texas to reopen his case and the cases of 50 others born in Mexico and condemned for murders in the U.S.


So as of now, August 5 looks to be a day worthy of celebration and rejoicing as Texas deports Jose Medellin with great finality.

Which means that there are only 30 postal days left in which to send Medellin a thoroughly disgusting postcard featuring photographs of the death chamber and a local dump, labeled "Adios, Dude!" and "Mexican garbage only!" respectively.

To which one should add, "About damn time!