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Published:August 6th, 2008 10:15 EST
Jose Medellin Chokes on 'Virgin Blood'

Jose Medellin Chokes on 'Virgin Blood'

By John Lillpop

Fifteen years ago, Jose Medellin participated in the murder and rape of Jennifer Lee Ertman, 14, and Elizabeth Pena, 16.

A story in the Dallas News describes the carnage as follows:

"It was the start of a savage hourlong attack by Medellin, then 18, and five fellow gang members, who raped the girls and forced them to perform sex acts before beating then strangling them with a belt and shoelaces. It would be four days before their bodies, decomposing in the Houston heat, were found. By then Medellin already had boasted to friends about having virgin`s blood ? on his underpants."

Fifteen years later, the great state of Texas extracted a partial measure of justice from the sub-human illegal alien.

The good news was reported by the Houston Chronicle with these words:

"Medellin was pronounced dead at 9:57 p.m., nine minutes after the lethal dose was administered. ? (Texas is on Central time.)

No doubt, the death certificate will list `lethal injection` as the official cause of Medellin`s death. It could just as easily read, "Choked on Virgin Blood," in reference to the jocular celebration that came back to haunt Medellin late in the day on August 5, 2008.

Many people who normally support the death penalty were opposed this time because of the supposed violation of international treaties and the potential future harm that could be visited upon Americans incinerated in foreign lands.

That argument is surely of great merit in learned legal circles, but any American who has committed the types of heinous crimes attributed to Medellin does not, in my view, deserve a great deal of sympathy.

Simply being an American does not justify behavior ordained by Satan.

Politically, the liberal media and politicians will abandon all common sense in rushing to the defense of the departed killer, while forgetting the grotesque end he gleefully brought to Jennifer Lee Ertman and Elizabeth Pena.

A strong message must be delivered to those who moan when justice wins the day:

Forget about wringing your hypocritical hands in angst over the likes of Jose Medellin! Instead, join forces with reasonable Americans to prevent thugs like Medellin and Edwin Ramos (San Francisco sanctuary city killer) from invading this nation to begin with!