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Published:October 13th, 2008 11:30 EST
Sarah Palin Abused Power, Probe Finds

Sarah Palin Abused Power, Probe Finds

By Robert Paul Reyes

America, and indeed the whole world, is in the gravest financial disaster since the Great Depression, and McCain is busy hurling baseless and vicious accusations against Sen. Barack Obama.

Sarah PalinMcCain has admitted on several occasions that the economy is not his forte, and his declaration that the "fundamentals of the economy are strong" while the stock market is tanking proves that his self-analysis is spot on.

I can imagine McCain on the deck of the sinking Titanic, railing that the captain isn`t worthy of his position because he consorts with movie stars, and other riff raff.

But McCain shouldn`t ignore the economic crisis because it`s not a winning issue for him. He shouldn`t focus on trivial and inconsequential issues like Rev. Wright and Ayers while America is in a financial tailspin.

The American people are desperate for a strong and stable leader who will provide solutions to our economic crisis, and McCain is acting erratically and irresponsibly.

McCain and Sarah Palin are trying to portray Obama as unethical and inexperienced, but the facts prove that it`s Palin who is woefully inexperienced and ethically-challenged.

"Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin violated ethics laws and abused her power as governor in pressing to have her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper, an independent legislative investigation concluded Friday.

In a report whose release was the subject of a high-stakes political showdown that went all the way to the Alaska Supreme Court, investigator Stephen Branchflower documented that former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan was subjected to a veritable barrage of demands from Palin, her husband and her staff to fire the trooper, Mike Wooten, whom they saw as unfit for the job. Wooten had been involved in a bitter divorce and custody battle with Palin`s sister.",0,3721967.story

This is not a quotation from an Obama political ad or a comment from a liberal pundit, it`s a finding from a bipartisan committee.

An independent legislative investigation has concluded that Palin is guilty of violating ethics laws and abusing her power as governor. The last thing this country needs, in these perilous times, is for an utterly unqualified and inexperienced Palin to abuse her power as vice-president, or God forbid, leader of the free world.

Palin has been reprimanded for abuse of power, on the first Tuesday in November the electorate should reprimand McCain and Palin for waging the dirtiest campaign in recent political history by voting for Obama/Biden.