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Published:October 15th, 2008 07:50 EST
ACORN Nut Must be Cracked Before Election

ACORN Nut Must be Cracked Before Election

By John Lillpop

The aggravated assault on American democracy by Barack Obama`s fan club(AKA, ACORN) is no longer a minor distraction that can be swept under the rug by the candidate and his colleagues. Voter fraud has exploded into a major national crisis, which threatens the very integrity of the November 4, election.

Fraud by ACORN (registration so far) has been documented in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Ohio, and Missouri so far, all of which would benefit Barack Obama.

Which brings up an intriguing question: Why are there no ACORNers to register Dumbo the Flying Elephant as the Republican answer to the left`s Mickey Mouse?

Why are the New England Patriots not signed up to offset Obama`s advantage with the Dallas Cowboys?

The answer: Because Barack Obama has been directly affiliated with ACORN in the past, and has actually sent that organization $800,000.00. Voter fraud is clearly an inside job being run by, and for,Obama.

Decisive action must be taken immediately. The issue simply cannot wait for Democrats in the U.S. Congress to act after the election, when they will have stolen the White House and larger majorities in Congress as a result of crimes committed by ACORN activists.

John McCain must take this issue directly to Barack Obama during the third presidential debate scheduled for Wednesday night. He must make it clear to 100 million Americans watching on television that the future of American democracy is at stake.

He must demand that ACORN be investigated and that any fraud discovered be expunged before the November 4 election. He must further demand that the election be postponed, if necessary, until resolution of ACORN fraud is complete.

McCain will not find many Democrats sympathetic to a proposal that could cause the national election to be postponed at a time when their candidate appears to be pulling away in the polls. Such a proposal and the ensuing battle it would prompt could make the 2000 presidential election kerfuffel look like a walk in the park by comparison.

However, there is no easy way out, given the stakes involved.

McCain should add to the urgency of the moment by calling on President Bush to declare martial law until after the election.

Just like the Democrats, McCain surely will find these actions distasteful.

Unlike most Democrats, John McCain is a patriot and a hero.

The big question: Can America count on John McCain`s patriotism and heroism during the nation`s critical hour of need?