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Published:October 19th, 2008 12:04 EST
Sheriff Joe Arpaio for President!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio for President!

By John Lillpop

Sheriff Joe Arpaio should be on the Republican ticket as the presidential nominee, or higher. This man is the most intelligent, courageous, and patriotic official in law enforcement in all of America.

Unlike George W. Bush and other RINO politicians and all Democrats, Sheriff Arpaio actually takes his responsibilities seriously. He is unflagging in his determination to enforce the rule of law, particularly when it comes to illiterate peasants who invade America from third-world Mexico and points further south.

Sheriff Joe, no relation to Plumber Joe as far as we know, attacked the old "You Can`t fight City Hall" adage by raiding City Hall in Mesa, Arizona to weed out uninvited and unwelcome invading criminals working as janitors on the graveyard shift.

See link for full story:

Naturally, Democrat air heads like Mesa Mayor Scott Smith were outraged and upset at the use of a SWAT team to extract foreign invaders from City Hall.

Mayor Smith declared that Arpaio should have advised the Mesa police department in advance of the 2 AM raid.

Yeah, right, inform the police so that they can warn the illegal aliens to stay in the shadows, right?

Sorry, Mayor Smith, but the problem is your patronage of illegal aliens and your willful aiding and abetting of invading criminals in violation of state and federal law.

Besides, in order to bring the police on board at 2 AM, the good sheriff would have been forced to find and interrupt the police, which would be bad for business in donut shops all about your lovely, but illegal alien infested, city.

To Sheriff Joe and his SWAT team, a huge WELL DONE!, BRAVO! and THANK YOU! for your commitment to the rule of law!

Perhaps the next raid should be focused on the crooks at City Hall who actually make illegal invasions possible.

Why not put handcuffs and chains on Mayor Smith and all of the other loco locals who refuse to enforce the law?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: American hero and patriot!