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Published:November 3rd, 2008 07:04 EST
Why Limit Reparations to Blacks, Native Americans?

Why Limit Reparations to Blacks, Native Americans?

By John Lillpop

In his drive to lock up the black and Native American voting blocs, last summer Barack Obama  advised people in those groups that they deserve much more than words of apology.

The candidate did so by saying, in part, "I consistently believe that.... the most important thing for the U.S. government to do is not just offer words, but offer deeds."


To those not yet conversant in Obamaebonics, "deeds" means cold hard cash, as in reparations.

Given Obama`s overwhelming generosity when it comes to giving away other people`s treasure, one wonders why he limited his communist scheme to blacks and native Americans?

After all, there must be tens of millions of reparations-worthy folk who could be tempted to Vote Obama, provided that the right financial incentives were on the table.

For example, what about Mexicans, both those living here and in Mexico?

Angry white folks stole land rightfully belonging to Mexico more than 150 years ago. Never mind that Mexicans stole the land from Native Americans, the fact is that angry whites conquered the land, established English as the native tongue, and treated Mexicans so poorly that only about 60 million or so have even bothered to come back as illegal aliens!

The devastation to the self-esteem of Mexicans has been enormous.

Think about it: If the "manifest destiny" pursued by white dudes had petered out, say, in Ohio, today the nation of Mexico would be the technology, financial, military, and cultural capitol of the world.

As it is, because land-hungry Caucasians marched relentlessly from sea to shining sea, Mexico has been relegated to a third-world player known mostly for exporting illiterate peasants and salmonella-tainted peppers!

The utter humiliation of being recognized as a Mexican in today`s high-technology, sophisticated world should entitle all persons so victimized to free education, health care, housing, and food, or roughly the equivalent of the McCain-Kennedy amnesty debacle from 2007, courtesy of American taxpayers, of course.

Team Obama also committed $20 million in campaign funds to reach out to Latino voters. A far more effective and less expensive (for Obama) alternative would be to promise reparations for all Mexicans on both sides of the border!

Then we have the British.

Yes, I know the Brits are wonky, imperialist Caucasians themselves.

However, in the interest of fairness, Obama should consider the irreparable damage done to the British Empire by that band of angry white men in the 1770s.

You know, those American rebels who mucked up the world with radical concepts like independence, democracy, freedom, equality, and other contemptuous notions aimed squarely at British Royalty.

Losing their American colony to folks like George Washington, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson and other American scalawags devastated the British and eventually cost royalty its preeminence around the globe.

Therefore, Americans must be held accountable for ripping off King George III and the kings and queens that followed. No less than a few trillion dollars should be committed in reparations to the Queen, her mum, and all British subjects deemed reparations-worthy by the ACLU and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

Finally, in the unlikely event that there is a single dime that has not been shipped off to compensate those who have suffered real or imagined abuse at the hands of angry white Americans, Team Obama could look into reparations for the original African ancestors of notable Americans like Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, Barry Bonds, and other superstars in the NBA, the NFL and major league baseball.

Africa has seen many of its talented sons and daughters exploited in order to entertain rich white Americans while devastating Africa`s professional basketball, golf, baseball, football, acting, and music industries.

For those crimes, someone should pay.


And according to Barack Obama, that "someone" should be American taxpayers!

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