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Published:December 17th, 2008 19:32 EST
Will Dream Team II Save Casey Anthony?

Will Dream Team II Save Casey Anthony?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Americans aren`t blessed with patience, we want everything to move at broadband speed but sometimes life is dial-up slow. We`ve been waiting a frustratingly long time for closure and resolution to the Caylee Anthony disappearance.

Caylee vanished in June 2008 when she was two, and for these many months we have been waiting for her remains to be found and for her mother, Casey, to be arrested.

Casey was finally indicted on October 14, 2008, for the first-degree murder of Caylee, but even some legal experts doubted that she would be found guilty by a jury without a body.

But last week the skull and bones of a small child were found near the Anthony home, and now Americans are hoping that justice will finally be served. Casey who partied into the wee hours of the night while her daughter was missing, will finally get what`s coming to her now, right? It will be a slam-dunk case for the prosecution, right?

One word of warning: OJ

The former gridiron great was clearly guilty of double homicide, beyond any reasonable doubt. But he got away with murder, thanks to his infamous legal Dream Team.

Welcome to Dream Team II:

"Jose Baez, lead attorney for Casey Anthony (mother of two-year-old Caylee Anthony), has assembled a seasoned team of defense attorneys and forensic experts for his client`s impending first-degree murder trial."

Click the link for a bio on each of these experts, you will be impressed.

Casey doesn`t have many supporters in the media, and in the many conversations that I`ve had with friends and co-workers about the Casey case not a single person has expressed a belief in her innocence. Why then are all these legal heavyweights and forensic experts rushing to join her legal defense team? Why are they working pro bono to help out a woman who is guilty as sin and universally despised?

Once again let me make an allusion to the OJ Trial of the Century, everyone of the main players, and even some of the inconsequential ones wrote a book. These leeches are seeking to profit from the murder of Caylee Anthony, the mind-boggling publicity they will garner from being a part of Casey`s Dream Team will translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Casey is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and law enforcement officials must be very careful not to make any incriminating statements. But in the court of public opinion and in the blogosphere, we are free to speak our minds. In my opinion Casey either accidentally or deliberately killed her daughter, and I hope that Dream Team II notwithstanding, that a jury will find her guilty