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Published:December 20th, 2008 16:37 EST
DNA Results Confirm Skeletal Remains Are Caylee Anthony

DNA Results Confirm Skeletal Remains Are Caylee Anthony

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Skeletal remains found in the woods are the Florida 3-year-old who has been missing since June, and her death is considered a homicide, a county medical examiner said Friday.

DNA tests confirm that the remains match Caylee Anthony`s genetic profile, said the medical examiner, Dr. Jan Garavaglia."

The Associated Press

In a somber press conference the medical examiner confirmed what we already knew: The skeletal remains found by a meter reader just a few blocks from the Anthony residence are those of Caylee Anthony.

Now we will be spared the spectacle of the grandparents weaving fantastic conspiracy theories. Caylee wasn`t kidnapped by her babysitter, and taken to Venezuela. The little child is dead, and the facts and common sense suggest that she died at the hands of her mother. I`m not a law enforcement official, and I`m not in a court of law, therefore I am free to render my opinion.

Caylee the delightful and vibrant tot that we have seen hundreds of times in photographs and videos is dead. All that`s left of her is a skull and bone fragments. When a small child dies of natural causes it`s a tragedy, but when she dies at the hands of her own mother it`s a tragedy and a horrific crime that calls out for justice and vengeance.

I commend the medical examiner for maintaining a somber and professional demeanor, but when I contemplate Caylee`s cruel fate I feel like screaming. My indignation and anger will not dissipate until Casey Anthony is convicted by a jury of her peers.