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Published:January 1st, 2009 12:18 EST
A Liberal Governor's Partial Epiphany on Illegal Aliens!

A Liberal Governor's Partial Epiphany on Illegal Aliens!

By John Lillpop


Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire is not likely to be mistaken for a right-wing ideologue anytime soon. She is, after all, the Democrat "leader" whom allowed an atheist rant to be placed next to a Nativity scene in Olympia, Washington just before Christmas. (1)

Gregoire`s godless, goofy and gutless cave-in to political correctness denied good and honorable people the right to "unfettered" speech, which, although not specifically mandated by the U.S. Constitution, should be, and will be, once we regain power.

However, notwithstanding Governor Gregoire`s mental deficit, a malady that afflicts all who practice liberalism for more than 15 consecutive months without a break, the grand old gal experienced somewhat of an Epiphany when it comes to the care and nurturing of illegal aliens during times of economic distress.

Specifically, because Gregoire`s Washington faces a $5.7 million budget shortfall, the governor has decided that certain illegal aliens clogging up state prisons and jails should be deported. (2)

This common sense move, which should have been taken 20 years ago, will save Washington taxpayers $9 million dollars by transferring illiterate peasants back to Mexico and other points south for taxpayers in the nations of origin to deal with.

Governor Gregoire deserves kudos for taking a small baby step in the right direction. However, if she really cared about citizens and taxpayers, she would demand that all illegal aliens, not just those whom are incarcerated, be rounded up and shipped out.

In fact, because of their large families and inability to care for offspring, illegal aliens on the outside are more expensive and a greater source for fraud and abuse than amigos held behind bars.

The governor needs to take the lead in convincing Democrat governors that coddling illegal aliens is folly during good economic times and even more of a disaster during a recession.

Collectively, Democrat governors need to stop selling out American citizens just to support non-citizens with no legal or moral basis for being here.

Perhaps with good political leadership to emulate, the light of truth will spread to California, where Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger refuses to close the state`s huge budget problem by demanding that illegal aliens be sent home.

As it is, California wastes more than $10 billion a year on people who do not belong here to begin with!

Of course, Hispanic nut cakes will immediately resist any efforts to remove illegal aliens by raising the canard that deportation is based on racial profiling.

Guess what, folks? Americans are fed up with the invasion of America by third-world peasants, and we the people believe it is perfectly OK to use the most effective tools available against invading criminals.

The greatest priority must be to get these scam artists and free loaders off the backs of American citizens and taxpayers!