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Published:January 18th, 2009 11:55 EST
Force W. to Deliver State of Union Before He Skips Town!

Force W. to Deliver State of Union Before He Skips Town!

By John Lillpop


Unprecedented, it would be.

Nevertheless, think about it: Why should Barack Obama be forced to stand before the U.S. Congress, the nation, and the world to explain the dreadful mess that George W. Bush has created?

After all, giving the 2009 State of the Union message is bound to be a lose-lose proposition for whomever it falls on to deliver said oratory.

On one hand, standing before the world and declaring that the "State of the Union is good," would be farcical, but all too typical of Bush.

On the other hand, telling the truth by saying the "State of the Union is dismal," could cause additional panic and dismay, neither of which will help alleviate the situation.

Since accountability and personal responsibility are making a come back, why not prop the hapless George W. Bush up one last time and let him accept blame for the financial meltdown, rampant home foreclosures, the never ending Iraq war, open borders and out of control illegal immigration, revitalization of Russia and communism there, and China`s ascent as a global power?

Moreover, since W is widely recognized as a fanatical baseball fan, let him include a weepy statement of compassion for fans of the Chicago Cubs, poor souls that have been denied a world championship for the 100th consecutive year.

100, and counting.

"Wait until next year," W could plea in a message intended for jilted Cub fans, but which would be equally applicable to anyone with a spiritual or financial stake in America.

To conclude his presidency, at high noon on January 20, W should ride out of town on a blind donkey, symbolic of his vision less incompetence and closeted fondness for the Democrat party.

Once W has moved his blind ass beyond the Washington, D.C. city limits, President Obama would get the key to the White House.

America would then begin the long, tortured journey away from the miserable legacy left by the "Worst president in U.S. history."