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Published:January 18th, 2010 13:00 EST
It is Time to Drop MLK Birthday As Holiday

It is Time to Drop MLK Birthday As Holiday

By John Lillpop

For years, the holiday set aside to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King was justified as being necessary to atone for slavery and discrimination, and to recognize the many contributions made by African-Americans to American culture and society.

America does not celebrate the birthday of any other individual as a separate holiday. Presidents, past and present, are celebrated collectively on President`s Day each February.

When Barack Obama is sworn in as America`s 44th President, he will be celebrated, along with the 43 former presidents, each February.

Thus, Martin Luther King Day will be superfluous to the need for a day to honor black Americans.

Eliminating one costly federal holiday may be the most productive CHANGE that Barack Obama can bring to America

John W. Lillpop