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Published:February 3rd, 2009 11:41 EST
Aussie Girl Gets 3 Months In Slammer For Graffiti

Aussie Girl Gets 3 Months In Slammer For Graffiti

By Robert Paul Reyes

"AN 18-year-old girl with no prior criminal history has been jailed for writing her nickname on the wall of a Sydney cafe.

Cheyene Back, who turned 18 last month, wept as Magistrate Ian McRae sentenced her to three months jail for graffiti on the public wall at Hyde Park Cafe, The Daily Telegraph reported.",27574,24997425-2,00.html

I commend the Aussie Magistrate for handing the young delinquent a stiff sentence. Cheyene needs to learn to respect private property, and a three month stint in jail will be more persuasive than a lecture.

When Cheyene wrote her nickname on the wall of the cafe it was a crime not only against the owner but against his customers as well. If you go to eat in a nice restaurant and you see graffiti on the wall it ruins the ambience. I will not patronize any restaurant that has graffiti on its walls.

Graffiti may be a petty crime, but it creates a permissive attitude that encourages other crimes. If a neighborhood has a graffiti problem, it sends the message that it`s OK to litter or to throw a stone through a window since the street is such a mess anyway.

The young woman`s tears don`t move me at all, I hope her sentence isn`t overturned on appeal.