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Published:March 8th, 2009 20:34 EST
Jail to Allow Hijab In Maine

Jail to Allow Hijab In Maine

By SOP newswire2

For many Muslim women, being seen in public with one`s head uncovered is a violation of religious tenets as well as an embarrassing display of immodesty.
Head coverings also can be, to varying degrees, important to Jews, Sikhs and people of other faiths.

But that obligation has collided with security concerns and cultural standards prevalent in American courts and prisons, where removing hats and head coverings is a sign of respect and consistent with long-standing security practices.

Now, Maine`s court system and the Cumberland County Jail will no longer require defendants, inmates and visitors to remove head coverings that are required by religious custom:

Controversial driver`s license bill unnecessary
World`s Editorial Writers, Tulsa World, 3/7/09

The controversial House bill that would require a woman to remove her hijab for her driver`s license photo is best summed up by state Sen. Roger Ballenger, D-Okmulgee, who said it seems to "be a solution looking for a problem."

House Bill 1645, authored by Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, would prohibit Oklahomans from wearing scarves or other head coverings in driver`s license photos. The rationale behind Duncan`s misguided bill is that the wearing of the hijab " the scarf worn by some Muslim women which covers the head but not the face " somehow makes identification difficult. That, of course, is silly. The woman`s entire face is visible.

Duncan tries to cover his reasoning by saying that the bill also would prohibit the wearing of ballcaps, cowboy hats and do-rags in photos. We don`t care if Bubba wants to wear his baseball cap or if Tex wants to keep his 10-gallon hat on in the photo, as long as their faces are visible from hairline to chin.