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Published:March 24th, 2009 16:08 EST
Legalize Prostitution And Make America Stronger

Legalize Prostitution And Make America Stronger

By Robert Paul Reyes

Prostitution has been around forever, and it continues to thrive even in countries with draconian punishment for prostitutes and their clients. Prostitution will never be wiped out, all governmental efforts to get rid of it are doomed to fail. There will always be guys who are too horny, and girls who are desperate for money to make ends meet.

The world`s oldest profession is here to stay, and it`s time that we accepted this reality. If the sex trade is legalized, taxed and regulated, it will benefit society it many ways.

Working girls not only stimulate their customers, but they also stimulate the economy. Unfortunately, when prostitution is illegal it`s the underground economy that benefits. Right now it`s only pimps and other scum who profit from the sex industry. But if sex for money is legalized and taxed society would benefit. The legalization of prostitution is the right tonic for our ailing economy.

Fighting prostitution is a very expensive endeavor that we can no longer afford at a time when our economy is in a crisis mode. Instead of wasting the taxpayer`s money on police manpower and defense attorneys, revenue should be used to create jobs and in other ways that will stimulate the economy.

In Nevada where prostitution is legal is some municipalities, the rates of STD`s have gone down because in legal brothels the hardworking ladies and their customers are forced to practice safe sex. Legalizing prostitution will results in fewer cases of STD`s, and we will save millions in fighting AIDS and other STDs.

It`s not only our economy that`s in a bad fix, our criminal justice system is in a shambles. Our constitution promises a speedy trial to a defendant, but sometimes defendants languish in jails for weeks and even months waiting for trial. If prostitution is legalized there won`t be thousands of prostitutes and Johns tying up the criminal justice system.

Arresting and prosecuting prostitutes is an exercise in futility, the working girls pay their fines and immediately return to the streets. Arresting streetwalkers doesn`t work as a deterrent, the girls view arrest as an unavoidable nuisance of their profession.

I hope that this article convinces rational people that legalized, regulated and taxed prostitution benefits the working girls in particular and society in general.

Money for sex transactions between consenting adults should be allowed to occur in a controlled, clean and safe environment. Both prostitutes and their customers would benefit from legalized prostitution.