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Published:April 11th, 2009 12:46 EST
11 Year Old Girl Charged With Rape

11 Year Old Girl Charged With Rape

By R.J. Smith

By now, you have read the title and are looking for some kind of joke here.  There is one, but it is very bad and not to be made on a serious news site such as this.  The headline, however, is very true. 

In Zanesville, Ohio, and unnamed 11 year old girl has been charged with three counts of rape.

The Zanesville Times Recorder and several blogs are reporting that the child had some sort of sexual encounter with two boys and a girl, all under the age of 10.  "I believe it`s the youngest perpetrator we`ve had." the police were quoted as saying.

I think they may be right.  However, I can not see any circumstance where such a charge could be justified.  We can only speculate what took place, and even then my own wild imagination can not bring up a scenario.  Due to the laws protecting juveniles, the world will probably never know.

11 years old, however, is a tad bit young to collect three felonies.  I have to say, even in my ignorance of what went on, that maybe the police are pushing this one a bit too far? 

One commenter on the Internet had something very interesting to say: 

"Thats f*cked up. Laws are supposed to protect the vulnerable, including children, and this 11 year old is a child. Calling her a predator and a sex offender is doing her more harm than good."

I have to say I agree. 

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