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Published:July 6th, 2009 14:15 EST
Father Accused of Raping His four Daughters

Father Accused of Raping His four Daughters

By SOP newswire2

In Second success in the case of abuse that  Seyaj Organization Supports.

The specialized criminal court in Sana`a today Monday 7-6 / 2009 sentenced a father accused of raping his four little daughters 15 years.

Today, the specialized Criminal Court " according to the current regulations " had implemented the sentence of death against (Y.Y.R) on the crime of rape and killing the child (H.M.G). On other hand, Sana`a south east court had issued an order to put in prison (A.N.A.H) 7 years against his rape crime the child (M.A.A) 11 years old and to fine (4.000.000 YR) as a compensate for the victim; it`s worth to be mentioned that SEYAJ had granted a judicial support for this case represented by the lawyer and legal consultant Mr. Hezam Almuraici,

At the same time as Seyaj believes such sentence was not as expected in view of the gravity of the crime,it considered it a good thing for the Yemeni judiciary system due to the complications and numerous precautions that surround this kind of crimes that Sharia and Law demand which make it difficult to prove and investigate.

Consequently, many similar crimes files have been lost or closed.

In this regard Seyaj once more demands the judiciary and investigation authorities inYemen to make further efforts to face crimes of violence against children which become a serious danger to society`s security and safety.

 To do so this requires restrict sanctions and use modern mechanisms and methods in investigation and collection of evidence.

Seyaj takes this opportunity to thank specialized criminal court, the lawyer and legal consultant Mr. Hezam Almuraici a member of Yemeni lawyers` association, and prosecution in Sana`a for their humanity efforts in defending the rights of victim young girls

Also Seyaj calls Specialized Criminal Prosecution to appeal these judgments and demand stricter penalties to realize the requested deterrence for the criminal as well as anyone who would make such a heinous violation.