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Published:July 29th, 2009 14:43 EST
Careful What You Tweet! You Could Be Sued.

Careful What You Tweet! You Could Be Sued.

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Sued over a tweet?

Yep. A realty company in Chicago sued a tenant for a comment about mold.

That less than 140 character rant about mold could cost that person $50,000 because the company feels the scope of Twitter combined with the tweet was defamatory and damaging."

The editorials that I write for my hometown newspaper are reviewed by my editor and vetted by the legal staff, and the essays that I write for several Web sites are always subject to modification by editors.

But the comments that I write on my Facebook and Twitter pages are not subject to a formal editor review process. When I wake up at six in the morning, and tweet that my Cheerios cereal tastes like crap, I don`t consider any possible legal ramifications.

But if the Chicago realty company prevails in their lawsuit, I may stop tweeting first thing in the morning while I`m still groggy.

The tenant better have photographs and the testimony of experts proving that her apartment is riddled with mold.

Regardless of the outcome of this lawsuit, we should all be careful about what we write on a social network site. We should never defame or libel an individual or corporation. If you write something derogatory about an individual and then delete it, your victim`s lawyers will still be able to pull up a cached copy of the Web page and use it as Exhibit #1 in the court trial.

Think twice before you tweet!