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Published:November 15th, 2009 11:38 EST
Is it Ever Ok To Be A Criminal?

Is it Ever Ok To Be A Criminal?

By SOP newswire2

By Dr. Alan Bates, M D. 
It seems these days that certain strata of American society are given a free pass to violate laws which the rest of us must obey.   Interestingly the free passes go the those who cross our borders illegally and sponge off our healthcare system, take jobs which according to the Democrats "American citizens will not do`, and have no interest in learning the English language.   

The upper strata who thumb their noses at our laws populate Congress and regularly rob taxpayers for their personal gain, evade income taxes, and get a subsequent free ride at our expense through retirement and healthcare packages which few working Americans enjoy.   Hmmm!   Something is wrong with this picture isn`t it?  
How is it that those who are entrusted to make laws feel they are entitled to disobey the same laws?   And why do Americans keep reelecting these scumbags back into Congress?   It all comes down to who can raise the most money which basically means many of our elected representatives are either wealthy and/or eager to please the special interests that rarely have the best interests of Americans in mind.   What better idea for a Congressional member who is desperate to stay in office than to grant amnesty to illegals who know nothing about American history or our culture. 

These illegals will automatically vote for the hand which feeds them---the self centered legislators who have no interest in preserving the intentions of our founding documents.   The unfortunate reality is that many of those who serve are incompetent and narcissistic, while those who are honest and well-intentioned never have the chance to serve in public office at a time when we desperately need them to stop this free fall of America.  The real shame is that our culture is being trashed systematically and intentionally for the benefit of pathologic narcissists.  
We have no one to blame but ourselves.   Families are fragmented, morality and ethics are brushed aside by political correctness, and incentives for working people are destroyed by taxation while those who don`t work are granted handouts stolen by our government from taxpayers.   As the Bush tax cuts disappear in 2010,   those who invest will be penalized further rather than incentivized to fund businesses which provide jobs, healthcare and wages for the masses. 

The net effect will be more unemployment, a further dumbing down of the masses that become serfs and more incentive for those who have much to contribute to move elsewhere.   As I have stated each week,   Americans must not forget that we are in a spiral which can only be saved by replacing the current crooked and pathologic leadership in government many of whom should be either in jail or mental institutions.   

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