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Published:December 12th, 2009 09:21 EST

The Law Students Union of Bangladesh Society

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer,Dhaka,Bangladesh

The Law Students Union of Bangladesh Society

The Law Students Union of Bangladesh Society is a leading law organization in Bangladesh which is consisted of the students of law from different Universities. This is completely a government approved organization (Govt. Reg.No: S9773). The principal motto of this organization is to work for the betterment of legal system in Bangladesh. That means we are working not to have a new legal system in Bangladesh but we are working to rectify the lacks of our legal system and to suggest the government to amend it.  The first seminar of this organization was held at Press Club Dhaka on the topic "Emergence of  law-reforms in Bangladesh". Learned  Justice Golam Robbani was the chief guest of that seminar. Through  this seminar we requested our government to rectify different sensitive lacks of our legal system. The News as well as Electronic media showed their keen interest about this Seminar.

This organization is also working with Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation. This organization jointly organized Human Chain,Rally protesting the heinous "Dowry Practice" in Bangladesh for which the women are being repressed seriously mentally as well as physically. This organization is working for the public awareness in order to relinquish the mentality regarding demand of dowry from the mind of the people. This organization is continuously working for the betterment of Law as well for the betterment of people.

This organization is also doing its Research activities. Currently the Research committee is working on "Women and Children related Laws in Bangladesh". Through research, we would like to find out the lacks of these laws as well as to suggest the government giving recommended amendment. However, we are with the people and the people are with us. Lets come and contribute for the better legal system in Bangladesh.


Md.Mahmudul Hasan

Executive Director & Researcher
The Law Students Union of Bangladesh Society (LSUBS).