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Published:February 6th, 2010 11:26 EST
James Randi, the Renowned Skeptic in Supernatural Has Turned Down My Challenge

James Randi, the Renowned Skeptic in Supernatural Has Turned Down My Challenge

By SOP newswire2

James Randi from USA, the renown skeptic in supernatural has turned down my challenge to prove supernatural/paranormal is real.

I am claiming my prize money of One Million US Dollars from James Randi. And I am also claiming the prizes offered by  Skeptics around the world which I have sent them the email. This claim is based on the 10 renown Scientists finding on the supernatural/Paranomal content of The Book.

 My first claim to James Randi, One Million US Dollars:

                 Scientists` Comments on the Scientific Miracles:

10 renown scientists from all over the world have come to a conclusion that the contain of The Book is beyond human knowledge at the time it was produced 1,400 years ago. This is indeed a Supernatural as proven by those Non Muslim Scientists. Open the page in this website for the details and prove. Click Here

My second claim is to get the prize that I demanded from James Randi as I have proven Ghost existence (I do not use the title Mr, for James Randi , he no longer need it) . Since the prize is for James Randi to work free for me a.k.a to become my slave, it is fair to allow him as a live witness in the demonstration with the condition I have set up which is of an advantage to him. I have seen the show  how Uri Geller and Peter Popoff tricks being exposed by James Randi, out of respect for what he has done, I tried to negotiate with him to do the demonstration only with him around but instead he insulted me. I appreciate his work exposing those people but I am different. I do not want to show the trick, I want scientists to show me it is not a trick and James Randi as the eye witness. No one will be embarrassed but it looks like it is not going to work that way, but I am a reasonable man, I will still give him chance to contact me. (Click Here to see "Updated Reports" for the latest info)

I have contacted several Skeptic Organizations all over the world like American Atheist and those who offered prizes i.e in India, UK, Australia , New Zealand etc but none has given me any response. Why? Is my prize I requested too much? All I want is James Randi. Why do you have to worry if you are truly the unbeliever of God?

To all scientists all over the world, since no one dare to accept my challenge, please come forward and help me to solve this Paranormal Phenomena.This is not a challenge and don`t worry, I am not going to make you a slave. I desperately need you help to do a serious research. I have sent several Emails to the Paranormal Research Organizations listed in and still waiting for their response. Please get in touch with me soonest, I might not live longer to assist scientists with the research.

Abdul Rahman