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Published:June 28th, 2008 22:51 EST
Steve Pearce/US Senate Candidate: Mexican Gray Wolf  program

Steve Pearce/US Senate Candidate: Mexican Gray Wolf program

By SOP newswire2

Judyth Piazza,
Elk Lost to Mexican Gray Wolf
Rodger Schlickeisen gives a slimely lop sided view of Steve Pearce`s position on the Mexican Gray Wolf  program.
Steve is about the only politician that cares and is helping the people that are greatly and negatively affected by the wolf program here. Most of the local population, ranchers, hunters, outfitters, small business owners, pet owners and almost all locals oppose the program because it is affecting our very livlihoods and our custom and culture. 
The wolves have already forced some of our ranchers out of business and several are on the verge of going out because of wolf predation on their livestock.
One of our other main industries is hunting and we have a world class trophy elk herd here with a world class reputation and brings in  huge revenues into our local economy. These elk herds are dwindling and are threatened by these inhumane killers that also sport kill, especially baby calf elk and just leave them lay and eat very little or none of them. The livestock losses are increasing and are hideous in some of the ways they eat fetuses right out of the cow still alive.
Steve Pearce is the champion of the people here who are being directly affected by this "act of government sponsored terrorism" on the people here. Sure it is nice of all those 70% who live up in Albuquerque or New York City or in your glass houses or where ever these supposed wolf supporters live, to idealize and glorify the majestic wolf. If they lived here on ground zero, it is a totally different world. Steve if fighting for all citizens not just these here, because he sees the folly and the government waste and boodogling going on.
Rodger Schlickeisen [and] I believe works as a highly paid adminitrator for one of the wealthy eco environmental groups who do not really care about the wolf but are using it as another tool to rid the public land of ranchers and hunters and all consumptive users. The loggers and most of the miners have been put out by one of their (Rodger`s) other champions the so called "Mexican Spotted Owl". This has almost made ghost towns of many of our rural towns in the area here in Arizona and New Mexico.
For your Daily News to print this regurgitation is doing a diservice to the people who actually live and care for the land here. I wish you would print our side of the story not just Rodger`s utopianist babble. Also I would like Steve Pearce to be able to respond to this and explain that he is the true champion of the people. Steve is definitley not a "wildlife villain", he is a true supporter of healthy wildlife populations, just not at the expense of the people, who dearly need someone to fight for our right to live and work here. It is easy for people on the outside to glamorize the wolves and yes it sounds romantic but they are a supreme predator and we already had a healthy eco system with healthy predaor populations of coyotes, bears, mountain lions, bob cats and the top predator man. The wolves will upset this apple cart (mother nature) and mankind is being reverted to a couch potato. 
Tom Klumker
Glenwood, NM