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Published:September 21st, 2008 19:18 EST
I am a wolf lover from MN, and I belong to Defenders of Wildlife

I am a wolf lover from MN, and I belong to Defenders of Wildlife

By SOP newswire2

We have wolves here and I care about all wolves.  Maybe the farmers should build taller fences around their livestock?! Wow, what a concept. 
 In History we nearly slaughtered the wolf into extinction, and I am not going to let that happen again. 
 There are ways for the farmers to keep out wildlife. Maybe,Steve Pearce should pay for it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe people should stop having millions of children, because obviously people are pushing out the wildlife, and soon there will be no more wildlife. 
 I for one hopes that the Pearcinator loses at the Senate seat!!!  And if he wins, there are thousands of us all across the Country who will fight for the animals without a voice!!!!!!
The world is over populated and I am obviously a pro-choice Independent who will definitely be voting for Obama.  Because, McShame chose the IM-PALIN-NATOR as a veep.  She to is a wolf slaughterer also.   
Animals have a right to be on this planet, and if you are a supposed Christian isn`t killing all the wildlife a sin, and  (as Palin would say) against God`s will???!!!!!!!!!!!  I am making a point to vote all Democrat, so we can get rid of all the Repubs in office, I am telling the world all about Palin`s shameful record of wildlife, and now I will do the same to Pearce`s shameful record of wolf killing. Guarantee that!!!!

M. Sue Harrington