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Published:October 9th, 2008 09:40 EST
The Upcoming UFO Event Won't Happen

The Upcoming UFO Event Won't Happen

By SOP newswire2

Dear Mr. Reyes,

Just read your article (UFO Experts Predict Huge Spaceship Will Hover Over Alabama On Oct 14th, 2008) and wanted to make a comment.

I don`t know how long Ms. Goodchild has been around in the world of ufology but I`ve been on the periphery of it (and sometimes in the middle of it) for about 40 years. Based on my experience and observations here is why I`m pretty darn sure the predicted UFO event will not happen. The big, glaring clue is the alleged source of her information: The Galactic Federation of Light. Just like the allegedly channeled messages from what is known as the Ashtar Command, and even the quite terrestrial messages spouted by a bizarre quasi-political group known by the acronym, NESARA, these messages follow a 3-step pattern:

1. Announcement of a big event (e.g., the 10/14/08 UFO event) to take place at a specific time and date.

2. The event does not occur.

3. The non-occurrence of the event is followed by another announcement in the form of an excuse explaining why the event did not happen. The excuse is usually something like this:

"Dear Ones, the event scheduled for [time and date] had to be postponed due to circumstances beyond our control. The dark forces operating on your planet interfered in the process. Rest assured, Dear Ones of this precious planet, we have not forgotten you. This is a temporary set back. Do not lose faith. Hold on to the Light. We will return."

This is the pattern. It never changes. It`s the same thing year after year after year. So, based on that pattern, here`s my prediction: It won`t happen.

Gary Val Tenuta
Author of The Ezekiel Code